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Good News for Halitosis , Constipation ? The Best Natural Herbs

Sunday, May 10, 2009 , Posted by E Comfort Health Studio at 6:55 PM

Do You have the following symptoms?

Constipation, Abdominal distension, Stomach discomfort, Halitosis , Anonymous swelling, Facial splash, Obesity, High limbs, Dizziness, Insomnia, Adolescent face trouble. If there is one, as evidenced by there are many toxins in your body!

"Yang Yan Bao" possesses functions of Toxic emission, Detoxification and Body regulation :

Toxic emission: Means to emit toxic through different channels including blood vessel, lymphatic vessel, trachea, organs, swat glands, urethra, and esophagus from our body in order to maintain the healthiness of our bodies.

Detoxification :It means to neutralize, transmute the toxic and minimize the harmful effect to human body. One of the ingredients in "Yang Yan Bao", "ching yang ginseng", is a traditional detoxify herbs in Chinese medical.

Body regulation :Based on the toxic emission nature, the "Yang Yan Bao" focus on harmonizing "yinyang" vitality (body regulation), our blood circulation and the organs. It also strengthened the immune system & mechanism as well as the emission function of human bodies.

Product Ingredients :
*Panax Quinquefolium L.,
*Cynanchum Otophyllum Schneid,
*Rubia Yunnanensis Diels,
*Atractylodes Macrocephala Koidz, and
*Nelumbo Nucifeera,etc.

Product Detail
Government Health Registration No: MAL 20032328T
Capsules Per Pack: 60 Capsules
Each Capsules 500mg contains.

Dosage : 2 capsules to be taken 2 times daily

Those who feel slightly uncomfortable in their abdomen after taking the capsules, abdominal pain will be relieved and eventually removed with the restoration of bowel evacuation. For those who have light diarrhea, they could decrease the dosage until they have 2 motions every day or 3 motions every two days has the most desirable effect.
Avoid spicy food, take light diet.
This capsule should not be taken by pregnant women and not advisable to be taken by children below ages 7.

Retail Price: USD 39.80 / RM 143 Discount Price: USD33.75 / RM121.50 SAVE: USD6.05 RM21.50

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