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Can Probiotics Benefit Weight Loss?

Posted by E Comfort Health Studio on Saturday, July 3, 2010 , under | comments (1)

Can Probiotics Benefit Weight Loss?
By David N. Ilfeld, M.D. Board Certified Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, Allergy & Immunology

Thursday, July 01, 2010

If you thought friendly bacteria would be a fleeting trend, think again. Probiotics have already been shown to help support healthy digestion and elimination by restoring and maintaining the normal balance of bacteria in the gut. Now, emerging research suggests that probiotics may have yet another benefit: to help support weight loss in individuals who are overweight.

In a recent study conducted in Japan, researchers evaluated the weight, BMI, abdominal fat content and body measurements of 87 overweight men and women1. Participants were divided into two groups and given either 200 grams per day of fermented milk containing Lactobacillus gasseri SBT2055 or fermented milk with no probiotic content. Individuals in both groups were not asked to make any diet or lifestyle changes.

After 12 weeks, researchers noted measurable body changes in those who consumed fermented milk with probiotics. Participants in the probiotics group experienced (on average) a 4.6 percent reduction in visceral abdominal fat, 3.3 percent drop in subcutaneous abdominal fat, 1.4 percent decrease in body weight and 1.5 percent decline in BMI, along with 1.8 and 1.5 percent reduction in hip and waist circumference, respectively. No changes were observed in the placebo group.

Although I feel that a healthy diet and regular exercise are still the major keys to successful weight management, probiotics have many benefits and are certainly a worthy addition to a healthy lifestyle. It is important to remember that when consuming food that contains probiotics, such as yogurt, any benefit to your waistline may be overshadowed by excess sugar or fat. It is also worth mentioning that many yogurt products do not list the quantity of probiotics contained within - typically the amount is small.

Taking a daily probiotic supplement is an excellent way to introduce friendly bacteria into your system without the worry of extra calories. For adults, I recommend taking a probiotic supplement each morning that contains anywhere from 4 to 35 billion colony-forming units (CFUs). Look for a product that also provides prebiotics, indigestible carbohydrates that serve as an energy source for good bacteria (commonly listed as "fructo-oligosaccharides" on the label).

Happy Fourth of July weekend,
Dr. David N. Ilfeld

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2010 Mid- Year Promotion- The Best Colon Cleanser Discount up to 50%

Posted by E Comfort Health Studio on Wednesday, June 2, 2010 , under | comments (0)

100 % Natural Herbs - No.1 Product to Remove Constipation & Halitosis

Yang Yan Bao Herbs

Bring a health to the earth. In the world, there are many developed countries where people are all living in a bustle life. Because of various pollution prevailling in the city, toxic is inevitably affecting our health. Toxic affects different organs that will certainly lead to melancholia, Which will cause stress, exhausting, depression that directly affect job performance.

"Yang Yan Bao" is a traditional detoxify herbs in Chinese Medical. It means to neutralize, transmute the toxic and minimize the harmful effect to human body.

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Retail Price USD$ 46.20 per Box

Product Detail
Government Health Registration No: MAL 20032328T
Capsules Per Box : 60 Capsules
Each Capsules 500mg contains.

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USD$ 115.00
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* Valid Promotion till 5th July 2010

Full Facial Promotion RM28

Posted by E Comfort Health Studio on Tuesday, February 2, 2010 , under | comments (0)

The five elements instead of turning to face France

The fate of the universe, all things change and development in the whole process from birth to eliminate the track. Life is life, transportation is transportation. "Fate" and "transportation" are two different things, together, constitute "destiny." Block many of Peoples in the face of fortune, business failure, the cause of the negative, or marriage, frustrated, or himself stricker with illness, or even troubled, he will come instead of turning to ask in the future, what changes are brought? When will the good luck?

Do not hesitate to call 0362501370 or E-Mail to for Reservation.


命运是宇宙中万事万物变化发展的全过程,是从生到灭的轨迹。命是命,运是运。“命” 和“运”是 两个不同的东西, 合在一起构成“命运”。很多朋友在遇到运程阻滞、生意失败、事业不利,或婚姻 受到挫折,或病魔缠身,甚至多灾多 难时,都会来找改运,问问今后如何改运?何时会行好运?
相信朋友们都听说过这句话:一命二运三风水,四积功德五读书,六名七相八敬神,九交贵人十养生, 十一择业与择偶, 十二趋吉要避凶。专家博士们认为,为了改运,我们在调理自身命理和位理风水同 时,还要好好配合诸多其他事情例如:脸上衰旺气色,方能风生水起好运来。下面,说说开运的方法: 要知道一切的一切,都是从「一」聚集而成,又要知道 多是由很多的「一」而成就的,以前所讲的O字, 那是超出数外,所谓「超出五行中。」五行就是金、木、水、火、土。 所有的人,都在五行中,每个人 的相貌,都具足五行,脸瘦身高,属于木形;头尖下巴宽,属于火形;面方色黄,属于土 形;面白属于 金形;面黑而肥,属于水形。有人是木火土,有人是木火金,有的人本身金木相克,自己和自己斗争。 水形 和火形在一起,木形和土形在一起,便会常发生斗争,但O字就超出这些数目之外。

想知道你的O字是什么?请马上致电到 0362501370 E-Mail 到 预约

Constipation ? Bad Breath ? Natural Herbs Promotion

Posted by E Comfort Health Studio on Sunday, November 22, 2009 , under | comments (0)

"Yang Yan Bao" possesses functions of Toxic emission, Detoxification and Body regulation :

Toxic emissionMeans to emit toxic through different channels including blood vessel, lymphatic vessel, trachea, organs, swat glands, urethra, and esophagus from our body in order to maintain the healthiness of our bodies.

DetoxificationIt means to neutralize, transmute the toxic and minimize the harmful effect to human body. One of the ingredients in "Yang Yan Bao", "ching yang ginseng", is a traditional detoxify herbs in Chinese medical.

Body regulationBased on the toxic emission nature, the "Yang Yan Bao" focus on harmonizing "yinyang" vitality (body regulation), our blood circulation and the organs. It also strengthened the immune system & mechanism as well as the emission function of human bodies.

Product Ingredients :

*Panax Quinquefolium L.,

*Cynanchum Otophyllum Schneid,

*Rubia Yunnanensis Diels,

*Atractylodes Macrocephala Koidz, and

*Nelumbo Nucifeera,etc.

Product Detail

Government Health Registration No: MAL 20032328T

Capsules Per Box: 60 Capsules

Each Capsules 500mg contains.

Notes :

Those who feel slightly uncomfortable in their abdomen after taking the capsules, abdominal pain will be relieved and eventually removed with the restoration of bowel evacuation. For those who have light diarrhea, they could decrease the dosage until they have 2 motions every day or 3 motions every two days has the most desirable effect.

Avoid spicy food, take light diet.

This capsule should not be taken by pregnant women and not advisable to be taken by children below ages 7.

Normal Price USD 46.20 per Box

Now Offer Buy 5 & Get 5 Free = USD$ 115.50

USD$ 115.50 ( Buy 5 Free 5 Promotion Pack )

New Fuel Saving Product -NANO INFRA SPARK

Posted by E Comfort Health Studio on Friday, November 13, 2009 , under | comments (0)

NANO INFRA SPARK (NEW Fuel Saving Product)

  1. Petrol vehicle in the urban drive can save 15% -20% fuel, highway drive can save fuel 25% -30%.
  2. Quiet engine, start barrier-free, saving fuel and Exhaust cleaner, to enhance the sensitivity.
  3. Applicable vehicle types: cars, diesel cars, gas cars, and heavy diesel vehicles and so on.
  4. Award the Taiwan, Japan, the United States, Germany, China patent.

The Theory of Nano Infra Spark

Nano Infra Spark is a practical application of nanotechnology in high-tech products, by dozens of rare element processing synthetic. Resistant up to a temperature of 180 degrees, not only maintained the nano-materials original function, and to make products more solid and durable, successful breakthrough in the current stage of global nano-materials of restrictions.

This product can be effectively conversion engine distributed of heat, coordinate with the physical vibration frequency, far-infrared radiation intensity of up to 4000um ~ 8000um, resonance frequency could reach 260,000 ~ 300,000 times per second, catalytic fuel molecules, make between fuel molecular weaken the combine force, hydrocarbon-strand break, formation of a single molecule. Molecules become smaller with the air contact area larger, improve the atomization quality, acceleration complete combustion. Also on the negative ion air treatment devices can greatly enhance the level of activity oxygen molecules, simultaneously accompanied by the strengthening of oxygen molecular, to cause combustible gas mixture to compression prepared to strengthen the combustion state, CO/HC (Air Fuel) ratio to achieve the best value, after electric spark ignited combustion rapidly, inside the cylinder pressure strong, improve the thermal efficiency of kinetic energy. Improve the combustion efficiency and reduce exhaust pollution, thereby achieve full combustion. Can significantly reduce vehicle exhaust emissions, engine power effectively improve and fuel savings over 25%. After complete combustion fuel, will produce water and carbon dioxide, reduce exhaust pollution in more than 30% of hydrocarbons, more than 70% of carbon monoxide pollution greatly exceeded the nano-saving products on the market at this stage difficult to control the frequency and lifetime technical bottlenecks, use more high-end technical means, more effective control of the resonance, extend the product useful life, the product will be able to reach more than five years of life and to ensure the effectiveness of the product.

10 minutes Installation ( Click below Picture to Enlarge View )

net weight: 300g

Price : USD $ 70.00

Supersonic SPA Machine

Posted by E Comfort Health Studio on Tuesday, October 20, 2009 , under | comments (0)

Supersonic is the soundwave frequency above 20 kHz per second. Scientific researches discovered that by applying the temperature of water, pressure from the water flow and creating the big bang can generate supersonic energy. The natural supersonic energy can be found in wild stream, generated into bubble of sauna to from the supersonic. Researches also showed that "natural supersonic energy" is good for health.

The moment the SPA is switched on, the oxygen is released through the small hole. The essential of oxygen is released in millions in a second, continuously generates above 100kHz of supersonic energy. The supersonic can eliminate the contaminated compound in the pore. At the same time you can massage the muscle to soften the fat and achieve the slimming effects.

SPA Design and Feature

  • Quality, professional, and one and only specialize SPA motor, double isolation, recognized by German safety standard. Robust, quiet and good heat emission.
  • Motor fitted with Texas Instrument control switch, protecting the motor.
  • Inverter power control automatically cut off the current when overload, no need to replace fuse.
  • EMC magnetic field elimination mechanism to prevent magnetic field from distortion, protect body.
  • IC motherboard double sealed by rubber. No current leakage.
  • High quality silicon metal, high pressurized O3generator, no condensation.
  • High temperature design, so that the water temperature do not drop drastically.
  • Bubble bed has life water releasing artifact.
  • All the material is anti-oxide.
  • Automatic timer. Bubble energy can be selected according to your preference.
  • Easy to install and mobile.
  • Electricity of 110V-240V, low energy consumption.
  • Fashionable curvilinear shape. Artistic look and robust.
  • Product liability of 20 million for pace of mind.
  • One year warranty (except man made defect). Permanent services.

Net Weight : 5kg

Size : (29 x 19 x 35)cm

Price : USD$ 990.00 / RM$ 2,980.00

Please do not hesitate to Contact us at

Lymphatic Therapy Device

Posted by E Comfort Health Studio on Monday, October 19, 2009 , under | comments (0)

Progress of modern society, advancements in medicine, general health awareness, many people only pay attention to the blood circulatory system of health care, to the neglect of the cycle of the lymphatic system. The major functions of the lymphatic system is to clean the body internal, the lymphatic circulatory system is to maintain health, vitality, slim build and smooth skin of the main factors. Lymphatic vessels can make the excess body fluids, cells in old waste, toxins, etc., delivered to the lymph nodes filter, and then transmitted to the excretory system excretion out.

The operating philosophy of this Device is base on the vein surrounding the heart, by applying pressure beginning from the calf spreading to all over the body. When air is apply to this machine, the air is distributed into the air bags, then it will massage all 5 parts of Lymph by using the air pressures.

To increase the blood and lymph circulation so that it can provide more nutrients absorbs, vitamins and oxygen, to the body and also stimulate the metabolism of the body. As the blood circulation improves, meanwhile the movement of the lymph will improve too. Therefore the clotted blood and also swelling condition will reduce significantly. It also helps in burning fats and supply oxygen all over the body, and the legs will be slimmer.

Oxidation of blood sufficient, make the persons affected by massage respiratory smooth, will help the effectiveness of sleep. After massage will remove the fatigue, also speed up the water and toxins excrete. The process of safe and comfort.


• Promote blood circulation and lymphatic system circulation.
• Body slimming
• Enhance the immune system
• Improvement of intestinal peristalsis
• Restoration of skin luster and smooth
• Relieve stress and stiffness of muscle tissue

Voltage: 240V
Wattage: 17W
Time: 10, 20, 30 Min
Weight: 6kg
Size: 28 x 23 x 15 cm
color: Silver

Price: USD$ 512.00 / RM$ 1,788.00

Please do not hesitate to Contact us at

Multipurpose Water Ozonizer -Air Baby

Posted by E Comfort Health Studio on , under | comments (0)

What is Ozone ?

Ozone(O3) is also known as "Activated Oxygen". It contains three atoms of oxygen(O2) bigger than two atoms we normally breathe. Ozone which exists in our earth atmosphere is a protective layer that protects us from harmful UV rays of the sun.

How does Ozone being created naturally and synthetically?

Ozone is formed naturally by the Ultra-Violet Rays from the sun and by lightning. Ozone can also be created synthetically by passing air through a corona discharge ozone chamber (electrical reaction) or Ultra-Violet lamp (photochemical reaction). Some of the oxygen molecules split into two separate oxygen atoms. These single atoms then form semi-unstable bonds with the oxygen molecules (O2+O1=O3/Ozone). These oxygen molecules are highly reactive. This reactivity is because of the third atom of oxygen, also know as a 'Hungry Atom'. This atom being very eager to break away from this unstable bond and react with any oxidizable compound (organic or inorganic). The Ozone created by corona discharge method is much highly concentrated as compared to ozone created by ultra-violet rays.

What is the life span of Ozone?

Ozone is extremely unstable and short in life span. It will break up into oxygen in 20 to 30 minutes (depending on the temperatures of the surrounding). It is very susceptible to heat, thus once ozonated water is being heated, ozone will convert back into oxygen quickly. Ozone cannot be stored and must be generated on site and used instantly.

Is Ozone safe to use?

Ozone is the safest and most powerful oxidant known today. It performs 3,000 times faster than chlorine as a bactericide and 5 times faster than ultra-violet ray for air and water treatment. Ozone as an oxidant decomposes contaminants or chemically alters them so that they can be harmless to us. For Example:

Carbon Monoxide (CO) + Ozone(O3) = Carbon Dioxide(CO2) + Oxygen(O2)

The above proved that ozone can chemically alters the toxic Carbon Monoxide and convert it to harmless Carbon Dioxide without creating harmful residue to our environment.

How does Ozone act as disinfectant?

Ozone is extremely active. When it encounters with bacteria, Ozone will interferes with the metabolism of bacterium-cells, through inhibiting and blocking the operation of the enzymatic control system. A sufficient amount of ozone will breaks through the cell membrane and leads to the destruction of the bacteria. Thereafter, the rest of ozone naturally reverts to oxygen very quickly.

Is Ozone harmful to human?s body?

Ozone is non-cancer-causing, but it may affect the respiratory system when the concentration is too high. However, once we move out from Ozone concentration compound immediately, the discomfort feeling of respiratory system will immediately disappears.


  1. Breaks down residual traces of pesticides from fruits and vegetables.Remove antibiotics,hormones and kills bacteria from fish or meat.
  2. Sterilize baby bottles, kitchen utensil, toys, dress and undergarment.Thus. avoiding negative chemical effect by using chemical and high temperature sterilizing.
  3. Disinfects water in aquarium to void infections of diseases in fish and reduces the frequency of changing the water.
  4. Removes bad odours and kills bacteria from refrigerators.
  5. Use ozonated water for face cleaning to prevent the appearance of pimple and freckle.
  6. Air Sterilizer for Bedrooms, Kitchen & Washrooms.Use ozonated water to rinse mouth to remove bad breathe, prevent throat infections and cavity Water the flower with ozonated water can prolong the life of flower and keep away from pests.

Multipurpose Water Ozonizer

Voltage: 110V~240V

Frequency of waves: 60Hz/50Hz

Cunsume electric current : 1.5A - 0.77A

Consume Power : 170 watts

Ozone output : 600mg per hour

Net Weight : 8.5 Kg.

Price : USD$ 793.00 ( Included Shipping Cost ) ** 1 ~ 3 Days Worldwide Delivery

Please do not hesitate to Contact us at