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Lymphatic Therapy Device

Monday, October 19, 2009 , Posted by E Comfort Health Studio at 11:38 PM

Progress of modern society, advancements in medicine, general health awareness, many people only pay attention to the blood circulatory system of health care, to the neglect of the cycle of the lymphatic system. The major functions of the lymphatic system is to clean the body internal, the lymphatic circulatory system is to maintain health, vitality, slim build and smooth skin of the main factors. Lymphatic vessels can make the excess body fluids, cells in old waste, toxins, etc., delivered to the lymph nodes filter, and then transmitted to the excretory system excretion out.

The operating philosophy of this Device is base on the vein surrounding the heart, by applying pressure beginning from the calf spreading to all over the body. When air is apply to this machine, the air is distributed into the air bags, then it will massage all 5 parts of Lymph by using the air pressures.

To increase the blood and lymph circulation so that it can provide more nutrients absorbs, vitamins and oxygen, to the body and also stimulate the metabolism of the body. As the blood circulation improves, meanwhile the movement of the lymph will improve too. Therefore the clotted blood and also swelling condition will reduce significantly. It also helps in burning fats and supply oxygen all over the body, and the legs will be slimmer.

Oxidation of blood sufficient, make the persons affected by massage respiratory smooth, will help the effectiveness of sleep. After massage will remove the fatigue, also speed up the water and toxins excrete. The process of safe and comfort.


• Promote blood circulation and lymphatic system circulation.
• Body slimming
• Enhance the immune system
• Improvement of intestinal peristalsis
• Restoration of skin luster and smooth
• Relieve stress and stiffness of muscle tissue

Voltage: 240V
Wattage: 17W
Time: 10, 20, 30 Min
Weight: 6kg
Size: 28 x 23 x 15 cm
color: Silver

Price: USD$ 512.00 / RM$ 1,788.00

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