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Supersonic SPA Machine

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 , Posted by E Comfort Health Studio at 10:16 PM

Supersonic is the soundwave frequency above 20 kHz per second. Scientific researches discovered that by applying the temperature of water, pressure from the water flow and creating the big bang can generate supersonic energy. The natural supersonic energy can be found in wild stream, generated into bubble of sauna to from the supersonic. Researches also showed that "natural supersonic energy" is good for health.

The moment the SPA is switched on, the oxygen is released through the small hole. The essential of oxygen is released in millions in a second, continuously generates above 100kHz of supersonic energy. The supersonic can eliminate the contaminated compound in the pore. At the same time you can massage the muscle to soften the fat and achieve the slimming effects.

SPA Design and Feature

  • Quality, professional, and one and only specialize SPA motor, double isolation, recognized by German safety standard. Robust, quiet and good heat emission.
  • Motor fitted with Texas Instrument control switch, protecting the motor.
  • Inverter power control automatically cut off the current when overload, no need to replace fuse.
  • EMC magnetic field elimination mechanism to prevent magnetic field from distortion, protect body.
  • IC motherboard double sealed by rubber. No current leakage.
  • High quality silicon metal, high pressurized O3generator, no condensation.
  • High temperature design, so that the water temperature do not drop drastically.
  • Bubble bed has life water releasing artifact.
  • All the material is anti-oxide.
  • Automatic timer. Bubble energy can be selected according to your preference.
  • Easy to install and mobile.
  • Electricity of 110V-240V, low energy consumption.
  • Fashionable curvilinear shape. Artistic look and robust.
  • Product liability of 20 million for pace of mind.
  • One year warranty (except man made defect). Permanent services.

Net Weight : 5kg

Size : (29 x 19 x 35)cm

Price : USD$ 990.00 / RM$ 2,980.00

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