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New Fuel Saving Product -NANO INFRA SPARK

Friday, November 13, 2009 , Posted by E Comfort Health Studio at 9:25 PM

NANO INFRA SPARK (NEW Fuel Saving Product)

  1. Petrol vehicle in the urban drive can save 15% -20% fuel, highway drive can save fuel 25% -30%.
  2. Quiet engine, start barrier-free, saving fuel and Exhaust cleaner, to enhance the sensitivity.
  3. Applicable vehicle types: cars, diesel cars, gas cars, and heavy diesel vehicles and so on.
  4. Award the Taiwan, Japan, the United States, Germany, China patent.

The Theory of Nano Infra Spark

Nano Infra Spark is a practical application of nanotechnology in high-tech products, by dozens of rare element processing synthetic. Resistant up to a temperature of 180 degrees, not only maintained the nano-materials original function, and to make products more solid and durable, successful breakthrough in the current stage of global nano-materials of restrictions.

This product can be effectively conversion engine distributed of heat, coordinate with the physical vibration frequency, far-infrared radiation intensity of up to 4000um ~ 8000um, resonance frequency could reach 260,000 ~ 300,000 times per second, catalytic fuel molecules, make between fuel molecular weaken the combine force, hydrocarbon-strand break, formation of a single molecule. Molecules become smaller with the air contact area larger, improve the atomization quality, acceleration complete combustion. Also on the negative ion air treatment devices can greatly enhance the level of activity oxygen molecules, simultaneously accompanied by the strengthening of oxygen molecular, to cause combustible gas mixture to compression prepared to strengthen the combustion state, CO/HC (Air Fuel) ratio to achieve the best value, after electric spark ignited combustion rapidly, inside the cylinder pressure strong, improve the thermal efficiency of kinetic energy. Improve the combustion efficiency and reduce exhaust pollution, thereby achieve full combustion. Can significantly reduce vehicle exhaust emissions, engine power effectively improve and fuel savings over 25%. After complete combustion fuel, will produce water and carbon dioxide, reduce exhaust pollution in more than 30% of hydrocarbons, more than 70% of carbon monoxide pollution greatly exceeded the nano-saving products on the market at this stage difficult to control the frequency and lifetime technical bottlenecks, use more high-end technical means, more effective control of the resonance, extend the product useful life, the product will be able to reach more than five years of life and to ensure the effectiveness of the product.

10 minutes Installation ( Click below Picture to Enlarge View )

net weight: 300g

Price : USD $ 70.00

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