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2010 Mid- Year Promotion- The Best Colon Cleanser Discount up to 50%

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 , Posted by E Comfort Health Studio at 11:40 PM

100 % Natural Herbs - No.1 Product to Remove Constipation & Halitosis

Yang Yan Bao Herbs

Bring a health to the earth. In the world, there are many developed countries where people are all living in a bustle life. Because of various pollution prevailling in the city, toxic is inevitably affecting our health. Toxic affects different organs that will certainly lead to melancholia, Which will cause stress, exhausting, depression that directly affect job performance.

"Yang Yan Bao" is a traditional detoxify herbs in Chinese Medical. It means to neutralize, transmute the toxic and minimize the harmful effect to human body.

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Retail Price USD$ 46.20 per Box

Product Detail
Government Health Registration No: MAL 20032328T
Capsules Per Box : 60 Capsules
Each Capsules 500mg contains.

Now Offer Buy 5 Free 5 = USD$ 23.10 per Box

You SAVE : USD$ 115.50 ( 50 % OFF )

USD$ 115.00
( Buy 5 Free 5 Promotion Pack )

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